Political Videos

Video production for political candidates and events

Videotaping candidate messages, political events and news increasingly shapes public opinion. Providence Video works with candidates and organizations to help get their message across

Political videos

There are many uses of the political video , for a politican or politcal party.
They can be used internally to gage performance of a candidate or as a measure of public support for one issue or another. Also to directly suay Public opinion about a candiate or an issue.
The political video can take many forms these days. Because television is NOT the only place these days, where viewers can be subjected to political messages, the formats can be customized to fit the variety of venues. With the rise of Social media, many videos with politcal messaging , are geared toward a younger crowd which tend to spend much of their informational viewing on the internet . These videos can be longer then the typical 30 second commerical, even approaching a full program resembling a short documentary .
Generally these videos can fall into one of two catagories; it can be a positive position for one candidate or a negative message about a competing candidate.
Either of those can be video, photos or text , with a voice over and music. Usually the communciations director will have a pretty good idea of which direction they want you to produce a viable political video.
Every political orgnization hope they will produce a powerful image or message that will resonate with the viewing public or one which will be so memorable as to become an icon.

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