Promotional Videos

See And Be Seen or Selling What You’ve Got:
The Promotional Video

So you’ve finally come up with that million dollar business idea, or that must-have product that you know would sell like hotcakes, if only people knew about it.  The question now is, how can you get the word out to potential customers?

The answer is promotion.  Potential customers need to know what you’ve got to offer.   One of the best ways to create that promotion, is with a promotional video.

The right promotional video will feature you,  your business or your product in a way that will generate buzz, and bring customers to your door.

A promotional video is basically a commercial which highlights the best you have to offer, geared for your target audience.  It can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on your needs and your budget.

In order to be effective, the video should always contain a lot of visuals,  graphics, and voice over narration.  oftentimes music is also used as a way to help the video flow and draw in the viewer.

In a promotional video there can be  many close ups showing the intimacy of a product and how it works or is designed, as well as the face of the individuals making or selling a product or service.   This allows viewers to sense a direct connection between themselves and your company.

Once completed, the promotional video can be used in many different settings, to get across the points it’s trying to convey to the intended viewer.   The cost of TV time is usually beyond many budgets, so often the internet is the place where the promotional video can be posted, on the company or organizational web site.

The video can also be used as a tool for your exhibit at a convention, where it can play on a big screen and draw eyes to your display.

It can also be inexpensively reproduced and disseminated on DVDs , to be mailed out or handed out to prospective customers.


1) What is a “waiting room video”?

While a customer or client are waiting to meet with you,  you have a promotional video  to advertise  your services or goods that you are trying to sell to these and other customers.

2) How long does it take to create a promotional video?

A Promotional video can be made, depending on the length and number of locations necessary, within a few weeks to a month.
At Providence Production Video, we typically spend time learning about your company and your product in order to determine what type of video best suits your needs.

3) What kind of music can I upload?

Any music should be royalty free,  have permission  for any music you wish to use. IT can be nearly any file type ( mp3, mp4, AIFF, WAVE…)

4) Do I retain copyrights and other legal rights to my Promotional Video?

Yes you will , but any promotional video producer will want to be able to legally promote their business with your video.

5) How can I share my promotional video?

Providence Production Video staff will help you do just that. We make  use of Youtube , Facebook and as many other websites as you deem necessary  to promote your business.

6) What will you need from me, in order to get started on my video?

All of the information about your business and the specific area you wish to promote .. Any photographs or video, other materials we can use to make the promotional video the most effective it can be.

Call me for a free consultation, any time!

Ted Greenfield
Promotional Video Producer
Providence Video Productions

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