Family History Videos

Family history videos

Providence viideo will capture the folklore of your family by creating irreplaceable videotapes of family members telling their stories

We revere those who raised us, imparted their wisdom, throughout our lives.
So as they enter the autumn of their years, we owe it to oursleves and our families , to document the lives of a great uncle, aunt or Grand parent.
Irv on Irv. My 91 Year old ( at the time ) Grandfather on his life .
I have always thought that everyone , who has lived a long life and seen many changes in our society, has a great story to tell. When you love that person, the combination is powerful . So putting this life story on DVD ( or digitally on the internet) can be rather simple or with a greater effort and cost, a fine piece of documentary film.
So imagine years ahead , where your grandchildren are watching a first hand account of what life was like and your family was like , over a century ago.
Build a basic timeline before you start, gather photos, ( video if it can be aquired or film which can be transferred) music from within the life span. We are ready to begin to create a legacy.
1. How long can these be ?
Anywhere from 15-20 minutes for the more basic interview type, to well over an hour for the more complex documentary style type.
2. How many photos are needed ?
Anywhere from 20 to 100. You sit down with your producer and choose the best and most representative from the collection.
3. Where can these be taped ?
Preferaly in the home of the subject , somewhere they will be very comfortable .
4. Is a microphone used ?
Yes, one that fits onto a lapel , so they can be heard clearly.
5. How much does this cost ?
Anywhere from a $200 , to over a $1000.
6. Is this going to be on a DVD ?
the master will be on DVD, But since this can be posted onto a web site or onto a social media site, it can be digitized and viewed forever , duplicated and distributed to family members across the globe.

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Ted Greenfield
Family History Video Producer
Providence Video Productions

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