A few months ago I used Ted Greenfield of Providence Video to do a
video montage for my in-laws 50th anniversary. It was great, people
loved it, and he was very speedy and helpful!



Thanks Ted for the superbowl shuffle videos .   Also I watched all of the receiption last weekend and I loved the footage you got of my nephew singing for about 5 min – that is my favorite.

Anyway thank you so much for your services you went above and beyond what I expected – thank you so much.




The videos are great, Other than than both disks work just fine.




I just wanted to tell you that Sabrina and I loved the video.  We could not have been happier w/ the way things turned out.  You did a great job of capturing everything that was important and not even being noticed.  Thanks again and I’ll recommend you to all my friends.





The DVD was wonderful, great job!


Thank you,

Linda Young


Ted, Just wanted to say thank you for our Wonderful Wedding video. It is so great to have the whole day Caught on tape. We have watched it twice , one alone and once with our families. Both times we laughed and cried. Thank you for getting the DVDs to us, so promptly. You did a great job and really captured  our day. Thanks , again and again.

Tom and Tracy,  F.


Hey Ted!

We got the DVD’s yesterday and watched one of them last

night.  We absolutely LOVE our video, it was so great to

re-live our wedding day!

All the DVD’s are the same, right?  I just want to make

sure before we send them to our parents.

Thanks again for everything, you did an amazing job!

Katie Strain


Hi Ted,


Happy New Year to you!! Yes, we did receive the DVD’s and they were great.  We have watched them a couple times and I’m sure many more times.  They were great.  Thanks so much.


Natalie and Todd


“…We absolutely Loved it, My Family loved it. Everyone that has seen it.., friends, I actually enjoyed it more then our Pictures,  You probably do not hear that very often.

Not that the pictures were bad , but I really enjoyed the video, being able to relive the whole day and all of the moments I sort of missed. We would certainly give you a high reccommendation .”

Margaret and Steve M

Ted did a great job, I loved my wedding video. I got my video very quickly- about one week after my wedding.

Lija and Shane


Ted The DVD was awesome !!!

We had a viewing with family and friends. Everybody laughed and cried and loved it. Thank you

Eva H


I can only say one thing about your finished product: AWESOME.


Seriously, whenever anyone from our friends/family gets married, we will recommend you hands down for videography services.  We are extremely pleased and happy.  The Highlight real was fantastic, everything was very well edited and put together, we couldn’t be happier.

Ted and Christina S


thanks again for a great job. sent to coach this am

Tami R.


Hi Ted and Tami – I just wanted to congratulate both of you on producing such an amazing video.  I (like everyone else there) loved seeing Eric’s little face explain why he loves the school and I thought the video really delivered the right message!  Well done…

Jackie W.


I did get  them (the DVDs) we loved them.

Torar C. July 2011

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