Bar Mitzvah Videography

Bar and Bat Mitzvah videos

Providence Video has memorialized hundreds of Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs. These videotapes become family keepsakes for generations

From the Moment a child is born to a Jewish parent, thoughts of the eventual Bar or Bat Mitzvah run through their heads. How will my child fair, how will they sound , how proud I will be.?
Other then the wedding, it is truly a seminole event , within the jewish Family.
With that in mind , the planning and maybe even the speeches begin very early on.’
So the video of this most important event , has to go off like clcok work. You capture the faces, during the preparation and practice. All of the friends and family streaming in to help celebrate this joyous event.
The surroundings that have been so meticuously constructed, to reflect the particular personality of your special child who is growing up before your eyes- must be taped carefully.

Ali\'s Fantastic Bat Mitzvah party.

Q: What is your approach to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs photography/videography?
A: Most Temples don’t allow photography/videography during the actual Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, so we will be able to do servicel shots during the rehearsal, which take place a few days before the ceremony.

Q: Do you work alone or with an assistant?
A: We have Camerman available to assist or to tape induvuadually , as needed.
Q: What is a DVD?
A: DVD, Digital Video Disc is essentially a CD that can hold audio and video. Unlike a video tape it should last forever . DVD also has twice the resolution as a video tape and CD quality audio. By having your Bar/Bat Mitzvah shot on a DVD you will preserve the video in the same quality that it was originally recorded in. This has been the standard media to give to our clients for over 10 years.
Q. Do you shoot with digital or film?
A: We shoot 100% of all our events digitally in color. In the editing process we can add color effects as well as black and white effects.

Q: What does digital mean?
A: Digital is a reference to the type of processing and recording a camera uses. Digital cameras give the best image quality, and crystal clear audio.

Q: What does three chip mean?
A: In a consumer camcorder all the colors that come through the lens are processed by one chip. In a three chip professional camera individual chips process the three primary colors (red, green and blue) separately. This allows the best in picture color and clarity.

Q: What does UHF mean?
A: One of the primary concerns of a video is sound quality. Will I be able to hear the vows and so forth ? Will there be any interference? UHF (Ultra High Frequency) microphones are the best quality in wireless technology. These are the same microphones used by professionals. This will ensure that your video will have very clear audio.

Q: Can we purchase the proofs, or are they part of the package?
A: All our packages come with the option of keeping the master tape, the Event was recorded on.
Q: Why should I hire a professional videographer?
A: When it comes to video, many family members or friends may like to lhelp out. Anyone with a video camera can record a wedding or event, but a professional videographer will create a work of art for you. A professional has better equipment, and can edit your video into a finished product that will thrill you and your family for years. It will be a video you will love to show your family and friends often. The most important aspect of hiring a professional is experience and diligence .
Q: How can we copy the DVDs ourselves ?
A: Each photo package we offer includes an online photo gallery in which you can purchase additional reprints of your photos.

Q: In booking your services do you provide discounts, if someone where to book more than one of your three services?
A: YES!!! Discounts do apply when working with us for more than one service. Also for off times of year or Friday or Sunday events.

Q: How soon after the event will the DVDs be ready?
A: Approximately 2-4 weeks after the event the online galleries will be available

Q: How soon will I have finished photos and albums?
A: Final albums will be delivered in 6-8 weeks, after your event.

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Ted Greenfield
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video Producer
Providence Video Productions

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